Uprise Performance Scott Jurek Trail Running Camps Promos

By January 15, 2015Our Projects

Last Fall, we had the pleasure of working with Uprise Performance Camps on two promo videos for a trail running camp they were developing with ultra running legend Scott Jurek in Whistler which brought participants together with a team of experts in nutrition, mobility, and exercise physiology for an unbeatable 3-day experience.

The highlight was a guided long-run in the Whistler Alpine, the day after participating in a 5 Peaks trail running race and getting a view of the surrounding mountains from a helicopter.

Watch the two alternate edits below for a taste of the experience the camps provide, and for information on their upcoming camps with sky running champ Stevie Kremer, visit: http://www.upriseperformancecamps.com

UPrise Performance Trail Running Camps with Scott Jurek (Edit 1) from Jeff Pelletier on Vimeo.

Uprise Performance Trail Running Camps with Scott Jurek (Edit 2) from Jeff Pelletier on Vimeo.

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