Two Ambassador Films Produced for Canada Running Series

By July 22, 2015Our Projects

We recently produced two films for the Canada Running Series to tell the story of two of their digital ambassadors in the lead-up to this year’s Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon.

The first features Fiona Burrows. An avid soccer player since she was nine-years old, and a runner for many years, the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon will be Fiona’s first 21.1k race of this decade!

Scotiabank Half-Marathon Ambassador Fiona Burrows from Jeff Pelletier on Vimeo.

The second film tells the story of Mike Hsiao who began his running journey in December 2012 at a time when he was borderline obese, stressed from life and school and suffering from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). After spending the night in the ER due to complications Mike decided that he needed to make a change for good, and that change was running.

Scotiabank Half-Marathon Ambassador Mike Hsiao from Jeff Pelletier on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for several more videos we’re producing for the Canada Running Series to promote the Eastside 10k this Fall.

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