Second Film for 5 Peaks ‘Get off the Road’ Trail Running Series

By February 6, 2014Our Projects
Solana Klassen 5 Peaks Video

Get off the Road with 5 Peaks Trail Running Series – Solana Klassen from Jeff Pelletier on Vimeo.

We’ve just completed a second film in a new series on trail running we’re producing for 5 Peaks Adventures aimed to inspire runners to ‘get off the road’ (and on to the trails) by signing up for their trail running series.

In this second film, we meet Vancouver trail runner Solana Klassen who has always loved the 5 Peaks Trail Running Series. A lot of her friends were interested in trail running but were afraid of hitting the trails on their own. She decided to start a women’s only trail running group, partnering with 5 Peaks as a sponsor.

Each film in the series will explore different aspects of trail running such as connecting with nature, the community, and competition. Watch the first film featuring local trail runner James Marshall here.

Watch the film on YouTube as well and stay tuned to the 5 Peaks YouTube channel for future releases.

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