Running Vancouver, A six episode web video series

Follow three runners as they train for and run the 2013 BMO Vancouver Marathon & Half-Marathon

About the Series

Follow three local runners as they train for and run the 2013 BMO Vancouver Marathon & Half-Marathon. Running Vancouver isn’t just about training, but also about the personal sacrifices and motivation required to complete an endurance race.

Episodes are being broadcasted on YouTube and Novus Community Channel (in Vancouver) every week leading up to and concluding after the race (read the press release).

Running Vancouver is produced by Pacer Films. We tell stories that inspire runners, cyclists and endurance athletes. Subscribe to our blog or follow us on Facebook for original productions and running movies from around the web.

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Meet the Cast

Production Partners

Joel Schat PhotographyJoel Schat is a timelapse photographer based Vancouver and is responsible for all the beautiful timelapses seen throughout the series.

Be sure to watch his film ‘Heart of Vancity‘ to see more of his incredible work and follow him on Twitter.

Benjamin CranBenjamin Cran is a professional sound designer and composer based in Vancouver.

He has worked with a number of film and gaming clients to provide sound assets for everything from commercials, video games, documentaries and short films. Check out his website to see more of his work.